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The Santa Margarita Jail.
Our Jail by Cheri Roe
Spring 2007

In the summer of 2006, The Santa Margarita Historical Society began restoration work on the derelict Santa Margarita jail located near I & Murphy Streets in Santa Margarita.

The jail was abandoned in the mid 1940s and has fallen into terrible disrepair. Our goal is to restore the jail as a static museum to its ‘glory days’ in the mid 1920s. We are working on the back, ‘newer’ portion, which was the Constable’s Office and a jail cell.

To Date
We have received all the paperwork and approvals from The Lions Club of Santa Margarita and SLO General Services for work to begin.

Bob Vesseley (a civil and structural engineer from San Luis Obispo) visited our jail and provided us with a probable building date of the mid 1920’s, However, any time from 1890-1950 is possible. We will continue to explore the exact date of the building of the SM jail.

Nick Fortune at Oak Country Lumber, is building an interior and exterior door.Santa Margarita Jail He has purchased an antique lock and keys that will complement the exterior door. Nick is donating a turn of the century safe for the Constable’s office.

Santa Margarita Jail
Once doors are in, graffiti removal will begin. Jim Kelly, from Templeton will ‘soda blast’ the walls to the graffiti. Work is scheduled to start the 1st week of April

Menconi Welding of Santa Margarita will remove and straighten the windows. Shatterproof glass will be installed behind the bars.Santa Margarita Jail

Don Chaffin will rewire the jail for safety and security lighting. We are asking San Luis Obispo County Library Administration to pay for monthly charges for security lighting.

Jim Patterson, 5th District Supervisor has granted the SMHS $1,000 to help with the jail restoration.

San Luis Obispo County, who owns and manages the property will not pay for any restoration on the jail. Any donation of money, materials or labor will be used to restore the jail.

Please contact Cheri Roe 805.227.4931 email to:

Our partners in this project are:

Oak Country Lumber, Santa Margarita
So Kleen Systems, Jim Kelly Templeton
Menconi Welding, Santa Margarita
Don Chaffin, Santa Margarita
Jim Gallagher, Santa Margarita
The Santa Margarita Lions Club
The San Luis Obispo County Library
San Luis Obispo County General Services
Boy Scout Troop 123, Santa Margarita
Aggeson's Glass, SLO
Dave Curry, Santa Margarita
Christmas Tree Cowboys, Memo Vengel
Santa Margarita Civic Association
A.J. Lasson, Berkeley CA
John & Buzz Jamrog, Atascadero

Thank you for your support of the restoration of the Santa Margarita Jail.

Cheri Roe