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The Signature Quilt of Santa Margarita.
Our Quilt by Cheri Roe
The Signature Quilt of Santa Margarita - A Moment in Time!

We suspect this quilt was created around 1936, during the depths of the Great Depression. Quilts such as these were made by friends, gathering at the ‘hostess’ house for quilting parties, with the hostess providing the material and the guests providing the labor. The story handed down was that Dollie Guy was well known for her frugal tendencies and, unfortunately, the quality of the fabric used for this quilt was somewhat less than fine. Much of it was made from bleached flour sacks. The quilt is in very bad condition but we hope that you enjoy these pictures and stories about the women that made it.

Santa Margarita quilt square Marvel.Marvel
Marvel (Guy) Haberkern moved backed to Santa Margarita in 1932 after living several years “over in the valley” and this quilt was probably the result of a welcome home, quilting bee. Three of Marvel’s best friends were visiting Santa Margarita from towns far away. Marvel would find herself in a difficult financial situation. Husband, Charlie and brother, Lester were working together, cutting wood on the La Panza for a few dollars a cord plus room and board. Marvel moved into Dollie Dunning’s house.

Santa Margarita quilt Dollie May.Dollie May
Dollie May Guy (nee Angie Marion Praster) would soon lose her husband, John Guy (Guy’s Meat Market) in a truck accident. She lived alone thereafter.

Santa Margarita quilt Hazel Guy.Hazel Guy
Hazel (Morrissey) Guy was married to Lester Guy, son of John and Dollie.

Santa Margarita quilt Helen Jane.Helen Jane
Helen Jane Guy was the daughter of Ken and Jane. Ken and Jane died later from botulism poisoning. Children Kenneth and Helen Jane would go to live with “Auntie Mecham” and then finally to Marvel’s house.

Santa Margarita quilt Angie.Angie
Angie (Merrihew-Guy) Simpson and her husband, Ollie, moved back to Santa Margarita from their homestead in Lassen County. They lived three years in a tent before a log cabin was built on their new place near Eagle Ranch.

Santa Margarita quilt Bonnie.Bonnie
Bonnie Simpson was 4 years old when her mother, Angie made this quilt square with her name. Bonnie married Mike Valko.

Santa Margarita quilt Mary Cogan.Mary Cogan
Mary Cogan married John Cogan. Mary was Postmaster at the Post Office on the Corner of El Camino and Encina. Mary and daughter, Catherine also operated the first telephone company from this building. In Mary’s time, the public library was housed in the lobby of the Post Office.

Santa Margarita quilt Catherine Cogan Guy.Catherine
Catherine (Cogan) Guy would marry Johnnie Guy. Later, Catherine would lose a baby and divorce followed. Catherine lived with her mother, Mary in the same building as the Post Office.

Santa Margarita quilt Nita Drake.Nita Drake
Raneta (Dorgan) Drake married John Drake who worked for Union Oil. In 1943, they purchased the Brizzolara house at El Camino and Pinal. They had four children: John, twins Herbert and Hubert and Sue Ann.

Santa Margarita quilt Mila Green.Mila Green
Mila P. (Colver) Green married James W. Green. They owned the auto court that was sold to McBurney in the 1940’s.

Santa Margarita quilt Mila May Waltz.Mila May
Mila May (Green) Waltz, daughter of Mila Green and Santa Margarita Postmaster during the 1940s. Mila married Clifford Waltz . They didn’t have any children and he was killed in Oregon. Her sisters were Verna and Irene. Bothers were James D., Charles and Abner.

Santa Margarita quilt Verna A. Green.Verna A. Green
Verna married Edward Kriedel and lived at Parkhill. Edward worked for the phone company in San Luis Obispo.

Santa Margarita quilt Grand Ma Doty.Grand Ma Doty
Mary Susan (Martin) Doty married John Wilbur Doty. He was originally a dairyman from the San Simeon/Harmony area.

Santa Margarita quilt Velma Doty.Velma Doty
Velma Doty was Mary Susan Doty’s grand-daughter. She married Andrew Hedrick. They lived on a turkey and chicken ranch out on Parkhill Road. They moved to this area about 1920-1923. Children were Melvin Andrew (Sonny) and Donald Eugene.

Santa Margarita quilt Granny Anna Gould.Granny Gould
Anna (Graves) Gould married Henry Gould and lived at Parkhill.
Henry was a gold ‘boomer’ from Oklahoma. Their daughter, Zana, married Lorenzo Doty.

Santa Margarita quilt Laura Gould.Mrs. Laura Gould
Laura (Doty) Gould married Orval Gould (son of Anna & Henry). They lived at Parkhill, raising chickens. Orval worked for Union Oil.

Santa Margarita quilt Ma Cynthia Mecham.Ma Mecham
Cynthia (Hawkins) Mecham from Kansas, married Samuel Mecham from Idaho. Cynthia was educated and originally wanted to be either a doctor or lawyer but this option wasn’t available to women, so she became a teacher. They married and moved to Santa Margarita during the Great Depression looking to make a living. Samuel was a cowboy, woodcutter and gardener. Samuel and Cynthia were a classic “cowboy marries school marm” story. Cynthia taught Sunday School for many years at The Santa Margarita Community Church.

Santa Margarita quilt Alberta Merrihew.Alberta Merrihew
Alberta was Marvel’s cousin visiting from Visalia.

Santa Margarita quilt Lizzie Heaton.Lizzie D. Heaton
Lizzie Heaton lived off Monterey Road in South Atascadero in a log cabin with her family.

Santa Margarita quilt Alice Heaton.Alice Heaton
The daughter of Lizzie.

Santa Margarita quilt Gertie Sweeney & Carrie Simmons.Gertie Sweeney & Carrie Simmons
Marval’s friends that were visiting from Southern California.

Santa Margarita quilt Mrs. Emma Van.Mrs. Emma Van
A neighbor in Santa Margarita.

Santa Margarita quilt Gladys Van.Gladys Van
Probably Mrs. Emma Van’s daughter.

There are four names that we do not have any information.

Santa Margarita quilt square.Mary Marina (sp?) very hard to read. White thread on white
J. Beckler (sp?)
Mrs A.B. Snelson
H. Marnd (very hard to read)

This Signature Quilt was donated to the Santa Margarita Historical Society by Doris Weddell, Bakersfield, CA. Doris is a grand daughter of Dollie May and John Guy and daughter of Helen (Guy) Van Sandt.

Drake Family information was provided by Sue Ann Windham, Santa
Margarita, CA

Gould and Doty family history provided by Lovina Doty-Love,
Santa Margarita, CA

Green Family information was provided by Irene Stoltey, San Diego, CA

Guy Family information was provided by Ken Guy, Missoula, MT and
Doris Weddell, Bakersfield, CA.

Mecham family history provided by Frank Mecham, Paso Robles, CA

Simpson, Van, and Heaton family information provided by Bonnie Simpson-Valko, Atascadero, CA

Cheri Roe
March 15, 2007
Santa Margarita, CA